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BMATC Mission


To foster a spirit of fellowship and cooperation among black church musicians, directors,

and instrumentalist who are actively working or retired in the field of music.
To preserve the work and memory of former instrumentalists, directors, and vocalists who had worked in churches in Tarrant County.
To develop and fund scholarships targeting talented and worthy students matriculating in related fields of study.
To serve as a resource network for the advancement of all genres of church music and foster performances representative of sound principles and give significant support to many musicians who bring respect to the culture, history, and tradition in music.

Who We Are

The BMATC is a 501c3 organization that solicits funds for scholarships for aspiring music students.  We also sponsor and produce the "Legends of Gospel" awards ceremony for legendary local church musicians.

The primary focus of the BMATC is geared toward keeping the foundation of Christian Music Standards while incorporating trending music into worship without losing the sacred and spiritual influence of God.  We want to sustain the gospel of Jesus Christ and Magnify the Lord with praise through music.

If you are remotely affiliated with gospel music, the BMATC is your source of connection. You can get acquainted with your peers in the art of music; increase your skills in the area of your choice; exchange knowledge of current musical genres, and learn the techniques and process for engaging professional artist through BMATC support and participation in local concerts. Also, upon request, through our database of musicians and local churches, the BMATC is able to provide information to fill vacancies for various music staff positions.

  • President - Troy Nell Edmon

  • VIce President - Gwen McWilliams

  • Treasurer - Terri Swift-Gadsden

  • Financial Secretary - Cedric Edmon

  • Recording Secretary - Julia Cathey Steptoe

  • Parliamentarian - Valerie Denise Campbell

  • Historian - U. L. Rivers

  • Assistant Historian/Scholarship Chairperson - Margarita McDonald

  • Director of Fine Arts - Carl Kenerly

  • Asst. Director of Fine Arts - Keith Norris

  • YAMM Chairperson - Dimitria Campbell

  • Consultant - Laverne Williams

  • Spiritual Advisor - Rev. Joe Foster

  • Spiritual Advisor - Rev. Milton Pace

  • Spiritual Advisor - Pastor Bennie Wesley

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