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What We Do

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Awarded to music majors who show excellence in required studies. (GPA 2.5 and above)

 Must utilize their musical gifts for the church and community.

*Final scholarship selections will be made at the discretion of BMATC.


Workshops are planned and implemented periodically for the purpose of exchanging knowledge, enhancing skills and improving techniques.  Workshops are designed to ignite a "hunger and thirst" for improved musicianship.


The schedule of the BMATC is filled with a combination of workshops, hymn sessions, opportunities for vocal training, a kaleidoscope of musical celebratory services, and a collection of association meetings.


Upon request, through our database of musicians and local churches, the BMATC is able to provide information to fill vacancies for various music staff positions. This service connects the musician with the pastor/church constituents.

BMATC 2019 Scholarship Recipients


DeAutry Smoots III

Mr. DeAutry Smoots III has always had a strong passion for the arts. It began with visual arts, at a young age he enjoyed drawing and painting. However, he soon discovered a new level of artistic expression and creativity in music. Understanding that the arts are a primary medium of expression for a lot of people, DeAutry studies music because he wants to analyze and breathe in the expression.


The first music program that he participated in was the choir program at Danny Jones Middle School under the direction of Mark Husband. He then continued his music education at Timberview High School under the direction of Josi Alexander.  DeAutry excelled in music during his high school years.  He studied private voice lessons for two years;  and in doing so he scored a Division I Rating in the Solo and Ensemble competition both years. While DeAutry was a student at Timberview High School he arranged music for the Show Choir, “Viva di Voce”. He was the Show Choir Captain, and the first student director of that program.


DeAutry was the music director of two musicals at Timberview High School, Peter and the Starcatchers and Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach; he also taught musical theatre voice. He is currently studying Music Education at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and he’s so excited to work with such amazing faculty and students. He has also been a member of RISE A Cappella at University of Texas at Arlington.


Joshua Pippins

Mr. Joshua Pippins is a graduating senior at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree with an emphasis in Choral Music Education. Joshua is the head coach for the world-traveling, award-winning step team Xplosive Grenades (elementary and middle school age students). In his career Joshua has worked with choirs of all ages. He has been afforded the opportunity to perform at  the prestigious Carnegie Hall, Texas Music Educators Association conference, American Choral Directors Association, and the National Collegiate Choir Organization.


Joshua is currently student  teaching in the DeSoto ISD with Cooperating Teachers, Jamal Walker and Pamela Dawson (semi-finalist for the 2021 Recording Academy and GRAMMY Museum’s Music Educator Award). Joshua feels blessed to be a  recipient of  the Black Musicians Association of Tarrant County  Scholarship Award.


Kenoly Kadia

Mr. Kenoly Kadia  is currently a senior at the University of Texas at Austin. One thing that many people do not know about him is the fact he was a late-bloomer in the area of music, especially classical piano music. He was born in Cameroon, Africa.  When he reached the age of six, he and his family moved from Cameroon to Italy, Europe. During his last year in Italy (age 13) he had his very first piano lesson with Professor Camilla. The following year his family decided to relocate and settle in Texas. In 2013, he considers himself fortunate to have met Mr. John Tatum with whom he studied piano from the 8th grade to the 12th grade. He is now studying Piano Performance while on a Pre-Medical track under the supervision of Professor Gregory Allen.

Some of his proudest achievements include: ranking in the top 3% of his high school graduating class,  second-place winner for two consecutive years at the Nilsson Piano Competition – Butler School of Music - University of Texas at Austin; lastly but certainly not least, he is  proud of the fact that despite being a Music Major while on a Pre-Medical degree plan, he is still able to spend quality time with his friends as he maintains a notable GPA. Upon graduation he intends to independently further his passion for music by expanding his repertoire and performing a recital or two per year.  He also plans to go to Medical School to become a doctor. Due to his childhood experiences in Africa, he believes that his true calling in life is to be able to help people, whether it be through music or medicine.  He is grateful that UTA is among the few universities that offer a program where students can major in a field like music while pursuing a health-related major.


YAMM - Young Adult Music Ministry, is a sector of BMATC that serves as a support group to inspire young people to continue development of their musical skills. Through basic knowledge of the legacy of gospel music, a solid foundation for appropriate WORSHIP will be established; and total PRAISE will follow.

The BMATC encourages our youth to embrace traditional music as a foundation to develop a meaningful relationship with God through His word.

Various functions are at the forefront for generating the interest of the young music minds of today. Plans include a ‘music jam set’, musicals inclusive of youth clinicians, youth workshops, participation with other musicians’ association programs, and the opportunity to learn techniques and strategies from experienced musicians.

It’s about God, knowledge, growth, and youth!

Dimitria Campbell
YAMM Chairperson


BMATC Mission


To foster a spirit of fellowship and cooperation among black church musicians, directors,

and instrumentalist who are actively working or retired in the field of music.
To preserve the work and memory of former instrumentalists, directors, and vocalists who had worked in churches in Tarrant County.
To develop and fund scholarships targeting talented and worthy students matriculating in related fields of study.
To serve as a resource network for the advancement of all genres of church music and foster performances representative of sound principles and give significant support to many musicians who bring respect to the culture, history, and tradition in music.

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